Our Story

Oxon Tubs was formed in May 2020 with COVID playing a large part of our lives, we decided to buy a hot tub to put in the garden (the one you can see in the picture above), knowing that at some point over the summer we would be trapped at home and have nowhere else to go.

As it was quite a big investment, we decided to buy two hot tubs, with an idea of hiring out the hot tub and we haven't looked back since. The thinking was - 'if we want a hot tub because we can't go anywhere, so must other people'. Hence Oxon Tubs was formed.

We started with just one tub but soon realised that we would need more to support larger families, so we added more and more tubs to our fleet. Then, one day in July we realised that we were only catering for those who wanted to hire a hot tub, and not those who already had ones - so we launched the maintenance side of the business. That summer was spectacular, and we worked tirelessly to try and cater for all of our new customers. As winter came around we decided that we needed to expand, and the buy & sell section of the company came into existence - providing for those looking to purchase second hand tubs from a reliable source.

It has by no means been easy - but we have brought so much joy to so many customers. We could never have imagined how far we could have come - or how far we have yet to go. Oxon Tubs is always striving to develop and grow as a company, and we can only thank our brilliant customers for helping us.

We have hired and maintained tubs in so many places across Oxfordshire and beyond - from Oxford to Banbury, Aylesbury, Swindon, Reading, Thame, Abingdon, Didcot, Bicester, Witney, Faringdon, Goring, Henley, Wantage, Kidlington, Botley, Headington, Cowley, Wootton and so many more, and we hope to visit even more locations across the county, bringing more happiness to those who love hot tubs as much as we do.


Your Inflatable Hot Tub Specialists from the heart of Oxfordshire




Starting Oxon Tubs has given me endless knowledge about inflatable hot tubs. I am always looking for ways to expand and help more people find joy form their own home, it was this that lead to the opening of our buy and sell service so that hot tubs and continue to bring joy.




I have had an inflatable hot tub since I was a child and so I knew lots about the up keep of a tub and repairs, along with the hires and maintenance I run our party packages and design  your custom events to make every moment special for you, your friends and your family.


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